The Venue

It’s Past

This historic building is one of two structures built by John Moses Browning and his brothers Matt and Edmund. Other family members would soon join the enterprise known as Browning Brothers Company. This building was built between 1906 and 1908. The building just east on 2447 Kiesel Avenue was completed in 1910.

John M. Browning is perhaps the most famous and significant firearms inventor of all time. His patents are in the hundreds, with many models bearing the name of Winchester, Colt and Remington. The Browning facilities in Ogden didn’t act as manufacturing sites, but it is where the prototypes were invented and built.

John M. Browning is probably noted most for being the inventor of the gas-powered machine gun. He also was the designer of the famous 1911 military sidearm – the official State Gun of Utah.

“An ounce of genius and a barrel of sweat”

The building on 2450 Grant Avenue still houses the remnants of a shooting range utilized by the Brownings to test-fire prototype firearms.

The Brownings subsequently entered into the automobile business as the historic photo show, and at one point was known as Browning Kimball Motors.

Today, we have preserved as much of the building as possible. The original brick, bridge trusses and some of the old floor still exist. The ceiling is 90% original.

Of paricular note are the advetisements on the north wall. Un-retouched, they were painted at the turn of the 20th century – 1900.

Browning Museum